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Medical debt can be financially and emotionally devastating and often happens through no fault of the individual. When a patient should be focusing on their recovery, they often find themselves dealing with financial challenges that they did not anticipate, cannot control, and may not comprehend. We understand the delicate nature of speaking with a patient about a medical debt and have created an empathetic strategy that helps them find the right solution to eliminate their outstanding medical bills before it negatively impacts their credit score. Our specialists are trained to understand the nature of medical billing and can have an informed conversation with patients. Best of all, because many medical bills are low ‘self-pay’ balances, we provide a variety of touchpoints that enable a patient to pay without having to speak with a collection agent.

  • Early out through secondary
  • Insurance and self-pay
  • Specialized skip tracing processes
  • Our multi-channel approach includes:
    • Agent Solutions
    • Virtual Agent Solutions
    • Self Service Portals
    • Letters and Email
    • Web and Chat
    • Text

Medical debts are the single largest debt type in the country and one that requires handling with compassion. According to the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, almost 43 million U.S. residents have outstanding medical debt. Our focus on call quality helps to create a positive interaction, even when discussing something as unpleasant as hospital bills.

The Roadmap to MRS’s Success in Medical Recovery

The Roadmap to MRS’s Success in Medical Recovery


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